Milk from grass-fed sheep, that are sustainably managed to deliver premium nutrition to the world.

Our 100% pure Maui sheep milk powder and products are available for bulk purchase and distribution.

Whole Sheep
Milk Powder

Ingredients: Whole Sheep Milk 100%
25kg net

Skim Sheep
Milk Powder

Ingredients: Skimmed Sheep Milk 100%
25kg net

Maui Sachets

Sheep milk has a luxurious and creamy flavour that the whole family will love. Add a splash to your cup of tea, mix it with your cereal or drink it straight from the glass.
Sold in boxes of individual Sachets. 

Sheep Milk Products


We have a series of products that can be used as ingredients, as part of food service, or are ready for consumers. Sheep milks nutritional profile, digestive quality and functional elements are suited to a multitude of products. Maui Milk is happy to supply existing products or partner with you to create bespoke, branded or white-label products ready to support your business.

Bulk Milk Powder

•  Full cream sheep milk powder

•  Standardised sheep milk powder

•  Skim milk powder
(1% fat)

Liquid Milk

• Pasteurized

• UHT 

• Concentrated milk

Functional Products

• Sheep milk and nutritious milk powder

• Infant formula base powder

• Medical powder

• High Protein & Exercise nutrition

Other Dairy Products

• Fresh cream

• Ice cream

• Butter

• Yogurt

• Cheese

Pasteurized frozen 100%
pure sheep cream

Packed, branded and ready to ship frozen.
Can be used to make:

• Sheep Butter
• Sheep Ghee

Consumer-ready packaged
sheep milk powder

Packaged with your formulation & label: 

  • Sachets

  • Canisters

  • Foil pouches

Maui Sheep Milk product enquiries

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Our pure Maui Sheep Milk products and sheep milk powder are available for bulk purchase, and for distribution worldwide. Enquire today.



Maui Sheep Milk is creamy, mild and sweet in flavour and it's an excellent source of nutrients and vitamins—making it a gut-friendly dairy option


+ Pasture-fed Sheep

At Maui we're committed to animal welfare and we pride ourselves on healthy Southern Cross™ sheep who are free range and pasture-fed year round.

+ Sustainable Farming

We're helping New Zealand rethink agriculture and build a sustainable sheep dairy industry. We're passionate about environmental and social sustainability on our farms.

+ Proudly Made in New Zealand

Our sheep milk is made and manufactured in central North Island New Zealand. Maui Sheep Milk is proud to carry the FernMark Licence, a trademark officially recognised and endorsed by the New Zealand Government.

+ Halal Certified

Our processing plant NZ Food Innovation (Waikato) Limited has been certified as Halal by the New Zealand Islamic Development Trust. Licence HL D5801/2020

Maui Sheep Milk is used to produce Karicare® Sheep Stage 3 Toddler Milk Drink

Karicare® Sheep Stage 3 Toddler Milk Drink is manufactured by Danone using New Zealand sheep milk from Maui. Sheep milk is high in protein and a great option for toddlers.

"Our customers are always pleasantly surprised by the mild flavour of sheep milk cheese."

Sue Arthur | Over the Moon Dairy Company, New Zealand

Claims made in the above video apply to Maui sheep milk, and not to Karicare Sheep products.


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