Producing world-class sheep milk

Our showcase farm

Nestled on the shores of Lake Taupo about an hour from Taupo township, lies a picture-perfect farm called Waikino Station. Maui Milk has been farming dairy sheep here since 2015 and this is where we also manage our beloved, and unique herd of Southern Cross™ dairy sheep. 

The Southern Cross™ is a breed incorporating the world’s leading dairy genetics, and has produced ewes that are optimised for sheep milk supply in New Zealand conditions.

Our dairy sheep

Maui Milk's Southern Cross™ sheep breed was developed in New Zealand, but influenced by the East Friesian, Coopworth, Awassi and Lacaune. Known for being easy to care for, Southern Cross™ sheep are well-natured, affectionate, and their wellbeing is optimised for the New Zealand landscape and climate. Our milk supply farms have exclusive access to Southern Cross™ ewes and rams.

Scotty and the farm team ensure these sheep are extremely well looked after. The sheep live outdoors on pristine and spacious lush grass fields, free to roam and graze on pasture all day and night when they aren’t being milked. Farming outdoors using a seasonal, pastoral system supports animal welfare, sustainable farming practices and also milk supply quantity and a pasture-based system is preferred by both our suppliers and our customers—our sheep love it too! 

Living and grazing outdoors also ensures the sheep produce milk that has a beautiful flavour all year round.

The sheep are milked twice a day, every morning and evening and Southern Cross™ ewes are now producing around 350 litres of milk in 200-240 days. The sheep know when it’s time to be milked and they can often be seen entering the shed with a spring in their step!

Sheep milk

Currently Maui Milk is being used to produce toddler milk formulas, sheep milk cheese and sheep cream to name a few, and we're excited to be expanding our offering in the near future, so keep an eye out!

Maui Sheep Milk is creamy, mild and sweet in flavour and it's an excellent source of nutrients and vitamins—making it a great dairy option. Learn more about sheep milk nutrition >


High Protein, Calcium
Sheep milk has around 60% more calcium & protein than cow's and goat milk.

Source of Iron and B12
Sheep milk has 50% more B12 and Iron than cow's milk.

Gut friendly
Sheep milk digests 4x faster than cow's milk, making it a gentle dairy alternative.

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