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Te ika a Maui forms the legend from which Aotearoa came into the world. Through creativity, bravery and necessity, Maui forged a path for the generations that followed.

Here at Maui we are passionate about combining the best of New Zealand’s knowledge and experience in sheep and dairy to develop a sheep milk industry that benefits our land, people and animals while developing globally relevant product options.

For farmers, we offer a strong and secure payout structure and established route to market while breeding the best sheep dairy ewes for New Zealand. It's our mission to continue Maui’s traditions of bravery and creativity and, through long-term thinking, we'll be true caretakers of the land while building a profitable, innovative, ambitious alternative for our New Zealand farmers and our global consumers.


Maui Sheep Milk is creamy, mild and sweet in flavour and it's an excellent source of nutrients and vitamins

Maui Sheep Milk from New Zealand is used to produce Karicare™ infant formula

Karicare™ Sheep Milk Formula is manufactured by Danone using 100 per cent New Zealand sheep milk from Maui. Sheep milk is high in protein and a great gut-friendly option for sensitive toddlers. Karicare™ Sheep 1, 2 and 3 is available for sale in New Zealand at Nutricia.

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Maui Sheep Milk is 100% pure and is made and manufactured in New Zealand. Our sheep milk products are of the highest quality and available for bulk purchase, and distribution worldwide.

At Maui we're committed to animal welfare. We pride ourselves on our happy, healthy Southern Cross™ sheep who are pasture-fed year round and live their best lives outdoors on our Waikato supply farms.


Maui is committed to helping our sheep milk supply farms build a profitable, stable and sustainable future.

The international demand for sheep milk continues to grow and so we're looking for more innovative farmers to join our team for the 2022 season!


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