Maui Milk – A healthy future for your family and the environment

Maui Milk produces premium, 100% New Zealand pure sheep milk products from our dairy company based in the Central North Island of New Zealand. Our grass-fed East Friesian dairy sheep have been bred for generations for optimal health and production.


The high quality sheep milk dairy products we produce are the result of New Zealand’s world leading farming systems with a priority on professionally managed animal welfare and environmental standards.


Sheep milk is highly nutritious and healthy, outperforming goat and cow’s milk in a number of areas and we take pride in offering a product that supports both the health of families and the environment. Our sheep enjoy clean water, natural grass feed and an unmatched level of expertise for their management and milk production processes.

Our production protocol ensures we control every aspect of sheep milk production with the process certificated by the MPI from milk collection right through to packing and export.

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