About Maui Milk

The Maui Milk Company

The Maui Milk company is located on a farm on the South-Western side of Lake Taupo in the centre of New Zealand’s North Island.  It is focused on enhancing New Zealand’s sheep milking reputation as a market leader in premium dairy products.

Our Sheep

To produce the best quality sheep milk we have a dedicated team of experts that cares for all of our sheep. Our flock of sheep are very well looked after with lots fresh natural grasses grown from our own farm. We also feed some natural supplements such as barley during milking time, to complement their grass intake.


Maui Milk has a flock of high milk production East Friesian dairy sheep. The East Friesian dairy sheep are some of the most productive sheep in the world, with high quality milk production and fertility rates.


Animal welfare is a core philosophy of Maui Milk and we do this by constantly monitoring all of our sheep. Rearing our lambs through to weaning weight is also important to our animal welfare policy.